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Kitchen Remodeling

It’s a fact – Kitchen remodels increase the value of your home and most customers report a high return on investment with kitchen updates.

This means when you get a professional, fast and fair home contracting company to redo your kitchen for less than the price of a new car, you’ll be glad to hear you can enjoy it while knowing that your investment is paying off now!

Getting the best company for this large undertaking is important. You want to know the company you chose is going to not only treat your property with respect but also treat your money with respect. You also want the company you’re working with to be local – that way they can help you get the best rates on products. Something you have to be positive you get is a no-pressure, free estimate. Without an estimate from trained professionals, your remodel budget may spiral out of control. At Renaissance, we work for and with the customer!

Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best places to start in a kitchen remodel is with the kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to limit yourself to what you’ve seen before – feel free to ask about some custom-cabinet ideas!

  • Fully-customized cabinets
  • Basic-production cabinets
  • Basic-production cabinets with customization

Many of our customers find that they are completely happy going with an affordable and basic-production set of cabinets. They can produce amazing results, especially when you get them in looks and sizes that are in-line with your kitchen’s theme.

For those that truly want a personalized kitchen, we recommend choosing a set of custom cabinets. If you have unique needs and or unique shaping of your kitchen, we would love to consult and offer a free estimate on how much it will cost to set you up with custom cabinets. Our cabinetry work includes:

  • Wood cabinets
  • Special-finish cabinets
  • Restoring old cabinets
  • Rustic cabinets
  • Modern cabinets
  • Any color, shape, material and size

Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertop is very special. It’s important you do some research to find what material you would be the most pleased with. We are always happy to advise on the best kitchen countertops if you would like to have some input from us.

A material we always enjoy installing is granite. Granite countertops are stain-resistant, attractive and natural. If you thought this material choice limits you to only earthy colors, we’re pleased to tell you that granite is offered in a very elaborate assortment of colors. But we don’t stop there! We can also set you up with butcher block, marble, quartz, stainless steel, tile and more.

If you have a material with a special look you’re after, let us know – we can set start you off with a free estimate.

Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is a key part of your kitchen. You need to honestly answer a few things about your kitchen, before you make the call on the type of kitchen flooring you go with. Is this a high-traffic area? How do you want to handle cleanup? Would a stain-free floor be best? Check out some of the most popular flooring choices for kitchens.

  • Tile
  • Hardwood kitchen flooring
  • Bamboo
  • Stone
  • Engineered hardwood flooring
  • And much more

Kitchen Backsplash

There is almost nothing as simple as adding a kitchen backsplash that will tie your kitchen together. Your backsplash should complement your kitchen – that’s why we like to recommend including it with any complete kitchen remodel. Specialty tiles and more are offered to you at a relatively low cost.

Think of the cabinets that you have in your home – they could completely match your backsplash. Your basic tile backsplash is easy to make work, but that doesn’t mean you should write off even bolder designs such as specialty material and out-there colors that give great contrast to your current kitchen theme. Metallic and bronze backsplashes are available for those wanting a modern twist.

Kitchen Appliances

A frequently asked question is whether or not we can install kitchen appliances. Of course we can! If you’re dealing with a contracting pro, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to install your refrigerator, dishwasher and more. If you are looking for a kitchen appliance installation job, you’re in the right spot.

Additionally, for those that are in the market for a complete kitchen remodel, we are able to be your consultant for the best kitchen appliances to match the overall look and function needs of your project. Don’t forget – a kitchen can only be as good as its functionality.

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We are passionate about remodeling. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can set you up with an amazing kitchen remodel that will likely see plenty of return on your investment. And the best reason to work with us is that we are right here in Austin and its surrounding areas. We’re a local business that plans on making your next project amazing.

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To stand out from other Austin remodeling contractors our experienced team will guide you through our unique 5 step process.

We loved the results of our two bathroom remodels. They were sure to make sure every detail and concern was taken care of. Tristan was very helpful and responsive, and all of the subcontractors were very respectful of our home and our time. We had a few surprise issues pop up during the project and they were swift and friendly in fixing things. We’re now in the process of using Renaissance again for our primary bathroom remodel!

Sarah K. - Austin, TX08/24/2022

Aric and his Team did a fabulous job! They worked with our Tenant’s schedule. They showed up on time and the work was very professionally done. Good communication and very professional. Great job the repairs look beautiful. Thank you so much.

Jeffery T. - San Marcos, TX08/17/2022

Bathroom Remodel
They did an amazing job remodeling a half bath in just one day.
Highly recommend!!

Erin A. - Austin, TX07/19/2022

We had a great experience working with Renaissance Contracting. They were well-priced, easy to work with, and our beautiful new white oak floors were expertly installed. They also did some drywall and painting projects for us and we were happy with the results. The staff was responsive and committed to making sure things were done right. Thanks, Renaissance!

Julie E. - Austin, TX03/29/2022

I would highly recommend Renaissance Contracting, LLC!
In 2021, we were in desperate need of repairs resulting from the winter storm; Renaissance Contracting came out within hours to assess damages. Work was completed right away in a professional manner and within reasonable pricing. We recently purchased another property and needed remodeling repairs completed. Renaissance was our first choice and we are happy with the work completed for that property as well.
Will use their services again!

Rose S. - Austin, TX12/13/2021

Renaissance Contracting helped redo my kitchen that was ruined by a busted pipe. They were very friendly and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Our kitchen has never looked better. I definitely recommend.

Bee F. - Austin, TX10/01/2021

We just bought a new house and are fixing it up in phases. Our first phase was painting the whole house. We reached out to several companies and Renaissance had the best response time and price for what we requested. The paint looks amazing plus the crew was on time and so friendly! We will definitely use Renaissance for the next phases of our remodel!

Michelle K. – Central TX09/22/2021

Thank you all for working with us on the water damage repairs on our home. You all were a great team to work with during this unfortunate time.

Mrs E. - Austin, TX08/20/2021

Thanks so much, the floor is beautiful.

C.F. – Austin, TX08/02/2021

Anthony and his crews are pros. In a city of below average contractors, this company excels w meeting expectations, tidiness and follow up.

Gretchen K. - Cedar Park, TX11/24/2019

We hired Renaissance Contracting to help us complete a massive project, and they did an amazing job. Tristan and his crew worked well into the evening to make sure things got done on our timeline, and they even came back to do a walk-through to ensure everything was perfect. I highly recommend this company for anything you need in terms of home remodeling!

Ricky C. - Austin, TX04/11/2018

We have used Anthony and his wonderful crew for many projects: major home remodel (we had a two story living room that we essentially cut it in half with a ceiling, making two rooms); kitchen update, bathroom update, flooring, cabinets, and arbor over patio.
Anthony is a highly professional, detail oriented, conscientious business owner.

Monica C. - Austin, TX04/02/2015

Best in Austin! Great work, reasonably priced, and always finish on-time. In addition, they are very creative! We needed to make some improvements to my house before putting on the market but with a strict budget. Anthony and his team thought of creative ways to re-top my outdoor grill, redo the bathroom floors, and stain our cabinets among many other little things that tremendously increased the value of my house without breaking the bank. In addition, I've been using them for about 9 years and I've also used Renaissance to replace carpets re-spindle my stairs, painting, fence repairs, and they even replaced my roof after the big hailstorm in 2009. Overall great work with personal attention and I would highly recommend them!

Phil B. - Austin, TX10/28/2013