When looking at living room remodeling, Renaissance Contracting, LLC can be of invaluable assistance. We have extensive experience in remodeling and know just what you need.

The foundation of any Austin living room remodel is a solid floor. We handle not only installation but repairs so if you don’t want to completely dismantle your floor, you don’t have to. We can repair the floor you have in your living room. However, we can also provide expert advice with new flooring for your living room remodel. We work with a wide variety of flooring materials including hardwood, laminate, marble, bamboo and stone. We, at Renaissance Contracting, LLC, can provide you with a lot of options for your newly remodeled living room floor. We have the expertise to install the floor and can make your living room look brand new.

It’s amazing what an impact a new floor can have. Just changing a floor alone makes the room look entirely new.

However, we understand you might want more than that with your living room remodel. We can also provide interior painting services so that your living room remodel looks fresh and up-to-date. We take great care when painting to make sure your belongings stay in optimum condition. If you want a bright, vibrant color, we can do the prep work and make it sing. We will help you consult with paint colors so your living room fits in with the rest of your décor. You wouldn’t want to remodel your living room and have it look like it didn’t belong in the same house, right? We, at Renaissance Contracting, LLC, have the know-how and wherewithal to provide you with paint samples and advice on how the paint will look when dry. We are even willing to do a test spot or two so you can see what we’re talking about.

If you want more than one color in your living room, we can help you with that too. We know how to paint crown molding and the areas surrounding windows. We are expert interior painters and will strive to make your living room the best it can be.

We aim to please and want you to be satisfied with your overall Austin living room remodel. We can even perform custom cabinetry. We know how to build a cabinet from scratch and you may find that your new living room needs one or two. Perhaps you already have cabinets that need retouching. Renaissance Contracting, LLC can handle that for you too.

We can also perform a variety of other contracting tasks that will help remodel your living room and give you the fresh start you’ve been looking for. After all, your living room is where you do most of your living while at home and we want it to be a showplace for you and your family, one that you’ll be proud of and enjoy spending time in.

Call us at Renaissance Contracting, LLC today. We can be reached at (512) 691-9047. We’d be more than happy to discuss how we can handle your Austin living room remodel and make your dreams come true.