A fence is an important part of your home. Fencing keeps a barrier around your home and garden to keep trespassers out. It keeps your kids in the yard when they’re playing and your dog in when he or she is walking around.

What to consider when building a fence for your home?

When building a fence for your home, you may become overwhelmed by the amount of fencing options you can choose from. Do you want a metal or a wooden fence? Do you want it to cover the entire yard, or just part of it? Basically the two things you want to consider are form and function. Renaissance can take care of the rest. We can even help you decide the form your fence will take and give you hints and tips as to what functions your fencing can perform.

How Renaissance Contracting can help

We can build a fence from scratch or just repair the one you currently have. If you want the little white, picket fence, we can do that or we can do a big steel or wooden fence that may better fit your needs. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to replace or rebuild a fence. We will tell you honestly what you need. We’re in this business to make your home look good, not just to make money. If you don’t need a new fence, we won’t sell you one. We’ll work to fix the existing one you have and fix it properly.

Of course, you may still need extensive repairs. We can handle that too. We will professionally assess your fence and determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. We will do our best to work within your budget and exceed your expectations. That’s Renaissance’s goal – to treat you royally well.


We understand how important a fence is to a home and know that you need one. We are a trusted Austin-based business and understand how fences work in the ATX. We will take care of the groundwork and above the ground work so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Renaissance Contracting LLC knows what to do and we’ll happily take care of it for you.