Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom remodeling is one of the biggest and most rewarding jobs we can undertake. Your bedroom is sacrosanct. It’s where you spend about 1/3 of your life, resting and relaxing and sleeping. A bedroom renovation can bring you a big return on your investment should you decide to sell your home. However, you want the bedroom to be about you. What is that you want in a new bedroom?


Hardwood floors are a classic choice for bedrooms. They add both beauty and value to a home. They’re durable so they work for master bedrooms, master baths and even kids rooms. However, there are so many choices in flooring that you don’t need to stop with hardwood – although you may decide to.

Other choices include bamboo and eucalyptus. They’re durable, sustainable and relatively inexpensive. Cork is also economical. It’s a resilient wood and has built-in cushioning. Tile is also an option especially if you live in a warm climate and love the look of the Mediterranean.

Other options include concrete, which is very durable. It can accept floor color well and be polished to a glossy sheen, making it look pretty and not industrial at all. It’s also a low-maintenance material which is good for kids’ bedrooms especially.

Finally, there’s carpet. You can do wall to wall carpet or have carpets in certain areas of the room over a hardwood or other type of floor that you choose. It’s really up to you. We’re just presenting you with options.

Interior Paint

Bedroom painting can be difficult. It’s hard to choose beautiful and relaxing colors. You don’t want to go too bold or you could wind up having trouble resting in your bedroom. However, if it’s a kid’s room, bold may be the way to go. There are no hard and fast rules. The important thing is that you take into account the following when choosing your paint colors:

  • Room size
  • Wall height
  • Architectural elements
  • Light source

Some further suggestions include:

  • Ceilings are an opportunity to add another color or dimension to the room. Try a darker tone on a tall ceiling of a lighter color if the walls are dark.
  • Light source varies from room to room and even house to house. This could impact the look of your color. Try the sample paint on the wall and view the color throughout the day, paying most attention to it during the time you’ll be in the room.
  • Highlight unique, architectural elements with dark and rich colors like a burgundy or a brown.

Cabinets and Shelves

You can order your own or have us custom-make them for you. We can work within your existing structure or build a whole new one for you. Bedroom cabinets are great places for storage. Where do you want them? Near the bed? Away from the bed? We can make a custom-closet for you to put your wardrobe in and even have some room left over for your significant other if you have one. Maybe we can fit two custom closets in your master bedroom, depending upon the size and location of everything else.

Shelves can house your books or your knick-knacks or both and can be high or low depending upon your preference. They can add a certain ambience to the room, depending upon how you decorate them. We are happy to give you the framework for your eventual design.

We can also build you a customized entertainment center. Would you like one where your TV virtually disappears? You could be the envy of your friends and family with an entertainment center like that. Just ask us and we can work on it.

As you can see, Renaissance Contracting can work with you on building the bedroom of your dreams. Call us today at (512) 691-9047 and let’s get started.