Have you considered an engineered hardwood flooring as an option for your home or business?  A new floor can contribute considerably to your home. Whether it’s value, style, or comfort, we understand that choosing the right floor is important.  We’d like to talk about this flooring option that many of our customers find very affordable, sturdy and attractive.

What is engineered hardwood flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring is crafted out of wood pieces (strands, fibers, particles, etc.), forming a whole unit by a process that binds them with heat and adhesives.  It’s built in three to five layers which adds to its strength.  This sturdy and crafted wood is an awesome choice for people that want hardwood flooring but don’t want to deal with higher prices or unpredictability in size (more on that later.)

How does it compare to hardwood?

Engineered wood’s durability, low cost, and similarity to hardwood mean that the budget-conscious home or property owner might find this flooring to be a smart option.

Another reason some builders and property owners prefer to have engineered hardwood flooring is because of the weather resistance of them.  Your typical hardwood floor will expand and contract, depending on the weather!  Engineered hardwood is so tightly-bound when the layers are being created, the contracting becomes a non-issue.

Why Renaissance for this service?

Once you select the flooring you want, we can have the entire floor done in four days!  When that speed is combined with our free estimates, we hope you’ll see why people have been choosing to work with Renaissance for over 10 years now.

We’re a large buyer of engineered wood and get preferred pricing that other providers can’t touch. Our connections to the Austin community also allow us a great selection of flooring you won’t find elsewhere!

How will I know if the flooring is right for my home or business?

We bring the samples to you so you can save the trip, get a wide range of what you’re looking

for, and see how it works with your furniture, fixtures, walls, and structures… We want you to get the right color, texture, and style.

At Renaissance, we’re a complete service that not only gets you the flooring you want but also installs the flooring.  This ensures a great deal, because the less companies you have to work with to get your floor installed, the better for the bottom line of saving you money.

What brands are offered?

A few of the brands we offer on this type of flooring include:

  • Mohawk
  • Shaw
  • Beaulieu
  • And more!

Don’t see a brand you had in mind?  Call for all of the available options.  We might surprise you with our engineered wood brand variety and ability to meet your home’s specific installation needs.

We do installs, repairs, and replacements and can advise you on different options that work best for your needs and budget.


Re-flooring, re-grout, grout cleaning, grout dying, grout sealing, wood replacement, water damage repair – no flooring repair is out of our reach.

We bring more than 10 years of experience and are versed in every variation of floor plan and can handle more demanding repairs and installs such as stairs, irregularly shaped rooms, and non-bonded surfaces.

We offer other flooring materials if engineered hardwood is not your bag. These include: hardwood flooringmarble flooringnatural stone flooringbamboo flooring and laminate flooring.

Contact Us

We’re proud of our service to the community and would love for you to get in touch with us.  When you call, we’ll ask a few questions to find out what’s important to you and then make a few recommendations. If you like what you’re hearing, we can be out the same or next day with samples for you to consider.