What is stucco?

Traditional stucco is made of lime, sand and water.  Modern stucco is usually comprised of Portland cement, the most common cement used in the world, sand and water. Lime is used to increase permeability of modern stucco. Some additives like acrylics and glass fibers can be added to the mixture to improve the structural properties of stucco. Basically, stucco is the same type of plaster used inside the house but made harder to withstand the elements.

Benefits of Stucco

  1. Stucco is cheap. It’s comprised of three easily available ingredients – lime, sand and cement. Some estimates say it’s about $6-$9 a square foot. The best way to get a cost estimate is to find a good contractor like Renaissance Contracting LLC and ask them how much it will cost. We’ll let you know, at this juncture, if stucco siding is a good choice for your home.
  2. Stucco is versatile. It can be a blank canvas. You can add pigment into it or paint it after it’s applied. Stucco can be embellished to look like more expensive materials like marble or granite. The way the material is applied can give it a different look and feel.
  3. Stucco is easy to use. Stucco is generally easy to work with and easy to apply. It’s pretty durable too and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  4. Stucco is fire resistant. The materials that make up stucco are fire retardant. This makes it noncombustible. It can actually prevent a house fire from entering the walls and from spreading from house to house.
  5. Stucco adds curb appeal. It’s pretty and elegant. It gives a home a classic look.
  6. Stucco is a great sound barrier. It can block out the noise from the neighborhood with thick walls. This will also help keep energy costs down. It keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

How Renaissance Contracting Can Help You with Your Stucco Needs

Renaissance Contracting has a wide range of experience with stucco. We know how to apply it in a variety of formats and can give you the look you need and want. We will assess your home and see if stucco is right for you. We will prep the house properly and apply the stucco expertly. You can trust us to make your stucco siding look good and last for years to come. We can even repair problems as they arise so your home will remain the showplace you want it to be. Call us today at 512-691-9047 for more information.