Marble flooring is a very solid investment for you to make when it comes to your Austin floor.  When you go with Renaissance’s unique marble choices, you’re going with quality.

Custom orders

When marble tiles need to be custom cut, you want to go with a company that has done this before.  That’s us at Renaissance!  Additionally, when you hire us as your contractor to deal with such a valuable material, you’ll be pleased to know we guarantee our work!

Marble flooring for businesses

Marble isn’t just for your Austin home!  This emerging flooring choice also works very well in your commercial office or building.  When an employee or potential client of yours walks into the building to see a newly-installed or newly-repaired marble flooring, they’re going to know you value your building and take business seriously.


If you already are the proud owner of marble flooring but are looking for repair work as opposed to installation, reach out to us.  Just like with an installation (or any of our services), we’ll be able to shoot you a free flooring estimate.


Although an exact ROI is going to be tricky to nail down for any home repair project, you should feel assured that marble is one of the better materials to pick from when you want to make a smart investment.  Marble still exists in many historic sites today.  That’s what you can call lasting appeal!

Marble is something that your home can always benefit from.  With an unpredictable economy, there is safety and security knowing that improving your home will be a guarantee to make you happy right now while adding value to the future.  You can always think of the major financial benefits it adds to your house as a bonus.


Once installed, marble is easy to keep up with.  Be positive you dust and mop your new flooring somewhat often to maintain that brilliant, natural and unmatched shine in your home or business’ most elegant room.

Think marble is perfect for you?  Reach out to us today for your next flooring project!

Not so sure if marble is perfect for you, well we are flooring specialists. We offer hardwood flooringnatural stone flooringengineered hardwood flooringbamboo flooring and laminate flooring for all of your home flooring needs. Call us today at 512.691.9047 for more information.