Natural Stone Flooring Austin

For those of you that are looking to add the unmatched style of natural stone flooring in your home or commercial property, you are in good hands.  Your choice of an attractive cut of earthy, natural, investment-friendly stone flooring is a great decision.  Stone flooring features:

  • Natural patterns
  • A unique look
  • Easy cleaning!
  • Full customization

At Renaissance Contracting, we know that new floors are just as important as any other major addition to your home.

Stand out

Are you looking for a flooring choice that will make your home really stand out?  We believe that a natural stone floor can represent the best option when you’re truly searching for a one-of-a-kind installation.  Nobody else will have your same floor.  How is that possible?  With all the factors that make this flooring for your Austin home so unique, someone with an identical floor is an impossibility.  That’s the enormous benefit of this regal choice – the custom earth tones.  Take a close look at any stone and the only consistency you’ll find is that there isn’t any boring repetition!  This works in your favor when making your home as attractive as possible with aesthetically pleasing designs.

The price is right

If you’re worried about the pricing on natural stone flooring, worry no more!  At Renaissance Contracting, we allow our potential customers to know roughly how much a project is going to cost them.  Our free estimates allow all you homeowners and business owners alike to evaluate a budget with the value gains you’ll likely receive from this type of flooring installation.


The best part about natural stone flooring is that it makes your property your property.  By just reading this page, you’re already closer to being in a home that is much more reflective of where you want to see it go, not where it is now.  A stone floor is going to make whatever room you choose to apply it to that much more yours.  What are you waiting for?

No hassle/no worry

You don’t have to worry about natural stone flooring being a hassle to install.  Just like with marble flooring, when you are working with material as valuable as this, you want to make the installation count.  There isn’t likely going to be a simple do-over – be positive you have a smart team of friendly Austin home contracting pros on your side.

If you’re looking for high-quality flooring, let us know.  Besides natural stone flooring, we offer hardwood flooringmarble flooringengineered hardwood flooringbamboo flooring and laminate flooring, among others. We can be reached on our contact page or by calling 512.619.9047.  We’d be happy to install your stone floor!