If you’re the type of person that is always on the lookout for an alternative and very unique choice when it comes to your Austin home improvements, bamboo flooring might be the best bet for you!  Read on about why we love this material, and why we would be happy to install it in your favorite room.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Bamboo is great for people that want to go green or use a sustainable type of flooring.  Because bamboo’s roots and underground livelihood all remain in healthy shape after the upper segment has been cut to make flooring (or any type of building material), you’re going to see bamboo quickly and safely regenerate by growing another culm in a relatively short amount of time.  Bamboo quickly replenishes when cut – that makes it an environmentally smart flooring material to pick!

Competitive Pricing

Bamboo, especially when taking into account that it has a look similar to hardwood, is a great choice for people that want to save money while still getting awesome flooring material.  There is something cutting edge about using the sustainable option of bamboo flooring that makes it fresh, new and (most importantly) affordable.

Texas is a great state for you to save money on bamboo; it now grows here naturally and all over the place after it was important many years ago.  Because it can be found so close and in abundance, you’re going to get a fair deal on your bamboo flooring installation.


A misconception about bamboo flooring is that it only comes “as is.”  Although bamboo flooring looks excellent installed in its completely natural state, you are allowed to get as specific as you want with the tone due to the options you have with staining!  Just like classic hardwood flooring, you can add a deep, rich and lovely finish to this material.  You can take bamboo flooring’s light-tan tones and turn it to a rich, deep walnut color! A home contractor will be able to get you the perfect shade.

Reach Out

If you want bamboo flooring installed professionally, reach out to us at Renaissance.  We know that finding a team of home contractors you can trust is important to you.  We are ready to be your go-to flooring team in Austin and we’re offering free estimates and quick turnaround times.

If bamboo is not what you’re looking for, we offer a variety of other flooring options including, but not limited to hardwood flooringmarble flooringnatural stone flooringengineered hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring.