Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can add beauty and sophistication to your yard. They are a crucial element of landscaping and one that Renaissance Contracting does well.

What’s a retaining wall?

According to Wikipedia, “a retaining wall is a structure designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes.”  It keeps the soil going in the direction you want it to, not its natural pattern. Retaining walls are commonly used to tame abnormal soil structures and make a beautiful addition to a yard that is threatening to run amuck.

When do you need a retaining wall?

Some of the more common reasons for you to need a retaining wall are:

  • When you want to control downhill erosion.
  • When your house is downhill from the soil lines.
  • When your foundation is in danger from a sliding hill.
  • When you require usable land.
  • When you want to manage runoff.
  • When you need extra seating.

You could just want a retaining wall because they’re structurally stunning. Regardless of your reasons, Renaissance Contracting, LLC can help you get the retaining wall you need and/or want.

Some Things You Need to Know About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often located in areas where extra support is needed to keep the soil from moving downhill with erosion. Retaining walls basically battle gravity. They minimize soil erosion by decreasing the angle of the slope and holding back the soil.

Make sure you use a professional service like Renaissance Contracting, LLC to build your retaining wall. An improperly installed retaining wall can bulge, crack or lean. This happens if you fail to build a strong enough wall to hold back the hillside or there is no drainage mechanisms included in the design. Retaining walls should be able to last a lifetime.

Retaining wall design options

There are many different design options for retaining walls. Timber walls are the least expensive but they may not last as long as other retaining wall design options. Moisture in the soil can weaken the timber. There’s also interlocking blocks or poured concrete. These designs pair well with modern homes. However, the most expensive and attractive retaining wall is still the natural stone wall.

Do you need a retaining wall built? Contact Renaissance Contracting today at 512-691-9047 and we’ll get a retaining wall built for you.